Breast cancer: different forms

Breast cancer: different forms

Breast cancer is not the same as breast cancer. Physicians distinguish different forms. The two most common are:

Invasive Breakthrough Breast Cancer (IDC): It accounts for approximately 75 percent of all breast cancers. The tumor grows from the milk ducts into the surrounding tissue. The IDC is also referred to as “non-special type invasive mammary carcinoma” (NST).

invasive lobular breast cancer (ILC): About 15 percent of all breast cancer tumors fall into this group. The cancer takes its output here from the glandular lobes.

In addition, one knows some rarer breast cancer forms . These include, for example, the inflammatory breast cancer (“inflammatory” breast cancer) . This particularly aggressive breast cancer is accompanied by an inflammatory reaction in the form of redness and swelling. Inflammatory breast cancer accounts for only about one percent of all breast cancers.

Where breast cancer arises

Physicians divide the chest into four quadrants (15-minute steps, analogous to the dial of a clock). This helps to specify where the tumor grows:

  • About half of all breast cancers arise in the upper outer quadrant .
  • About 15 percent of malignant breast tumors grow in the upper inner quadrant .
  • About eleven percent of breast cancers form in the lower outer quadrant .
  • In about six percent of patients, the cancerous tumor is located in the lower inner quadrant .
  • In about 17 percent of cases breast cancer develops under the nipple .


What is breast cancer ?

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