What is Breast cancer symptoms

Breast cancer: symptoms

Women who regularly palpate their breasts can detect suspicious tissue changes early and seek medical attention. If breast cancer is actually behind it, the rapid treatment of the tumor can improve the chances of recovery. But what are possible signs of breast cancer where women should seek out their gynecologist immediately?

These include, for example, newly occurred nodules and indurations in the chest or armpit. Even with aqueous or bloody secretions that emerge from a nipple, women should think of a breast cancer. It is also suspicious when a breast is recently different in size or shape from the second breast.

But it is important to remember that if you detect such changes on your chest, you should bear in mind that there may also be more harmless causes for them. This can be a benign tumor, inflammation or cyst. Nevertheless, go immediately to the gynecologist to quickly get certainty!

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