Brain Tumours

Brain Tumours

About Brain Tumours

Check out who gets a brain tumour, where it starts and exactly how common it is.

A brain tumour is an accumulation of cells which may have grown in a non ordered way. Tumours that come from mental performance are classified as primary brain tumours.

This is different to cancers who have spread for the brain from elsewhere in your body. These are generally called secondary brain tumours or brain metastases.

Cancerous or non cancerous brain tumors

By and large, brain tumors can be cancerous (harmful) or non cancerous (kind).

Around half of all brain tumors, or tumors in another piece of the focal sensory system, are harmful. The other half are kind tumors, or tumors where the finding is not known.

At the point when the determination is not known it is normally on the grounds that the tumor is in a piece of the brain that is excessively troublesome, making it impossible to take an example (biopsy) from

Who gets it?

Having a brain tumor is moderately uncommon. Brain tumors that are cancerous (harmful) are more basic in guys than females. Non cancerous brain tumors, and tumors where the conclusion is obscure, are more regular in females.

Half (46%) of brain tumors in the UK every year are analyzed in individuals matured 65 and over. This incorporates tumors in different parts of the focal sensory system and tumors anyplace else inside the bones of the head.

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