Liver Cancer

Liver Cancer

About Liver Cancer

Liver cancer is really a cancer that starts inside the liver. This is a rare cancer in the UK. It is a bit more common in britain to get cancer containing spread to the liver from elsewhere within the body. This is whats called a secondary liver cancer.

Cancers are named after their original cell type, from the organ the location where the cancer first actually starts to grow. This can be the primary cancer. Cancer cells can break from the primary site and travel to other body parts inside the blood or the lymphatic system. The cells eventually lodge in another body part and initiate growing there. This is known as another cancer. The cells are still the same type since the primary cancer.

This will be significant because cancers are treated in accordance with the original cell type. So by way of example, secondary breast cancers who have spread for the liver are addressed with cancers of the breast treatments, because the cancer cells in the liver are breast cancers cells.

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