Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

About Lung Cancer

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Cancer of the lung is cancer that starts from the windpipe (trachea), the key airway (bronchus) or even the lung tissue.

Where carcinoma of the lung starts

Cancer of the lung can start in a the main lungs or airways. These are part of the breathing system, and this is referred to as the the respiratory system. The breathing system includes:

  • the nose and mouth
  • windpipe (trachea)
  • airways to each and every lung (left and right bronchus)
  • lungs

What sort of lungs work

Your lungs use a system of tubes that carry oxygen out and in because you breathe.

The windpipe divides into two tubes, the best bronchus and left bronchus. These separated into smaller tubes called secondary bronchi. They split again to create smaller tubes called bronchioles. The bronchioles have small air sacs towards the end called alveoli.

Via a flight sacs, oxygen passes to your bloodstream from your air consumed. Your bloodstream carries oxygen to all cellular structure within you. Concurrently carbon dioxide passes from your bloodstream in the air sacs. This waste gas is taken away in the body as you breathe out.

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