Surgery for Colon Cancer

Surgery for Colon Cancer

Surgery for Colon Cancer

Get some answers concerning distinctive sorts of surgery for cancer of the large bowel (the colon). The kind of operation you have relies on upon the position of the cancer in the bowel.

In the event that your cancer is in the back entry (rectum) the sorts of surgery are distinctive.

Sorts of surgery

There are distinctive sorts of surgery for bowel cancer. The operation that is most appropriate for you relies on upon:

  • where your cancer is
  • sort and size of cancer
  • regardless of whether your cancer has spread to different parts of your body

For a small early stage cancer, your specialist may very well expel the cancer from the bowel lining, alongside a fringe of solid tissue. This is known as a neighborhood resection.

On the off chance that your cancer is bigger, your specialist may expel the piece of the bowel where the cancer is, and join the two closures back together. This is known as a colectomy. They may likewise expel the lymph hubs close to the bowel on the off chance that the cancer has spread to the hubs.

To give the bowel time to recuperate, the specialist may make a brief ileostomy or colostomy. This is an opening from the bowel that prompts the surface of the stomach area and is known as a stoma. Squander matter from the bowel gathers into a unique pack over the opening. You have another operation to repair the stoma following a couple of months (a stoma inversion).

The specialist may need to make a changeless stoma if a great deal of your bowel is expelled. Be that as it may, the vast majority needn’t bother with a lasting stoma.

Open or keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery

Open surgery

This implies your specialist makes one long chop down your stomach area to evacuate the cancer.

Keyhole (laparoscopic) sugery

Your specialist makes a few small cuts in your belly. A long tube with a light and camera is gone through one of the gaps. Surgical instruments are put into alternate openings and are utilized to expel the cancer. Keyhole surgey can take longer than open surgery, however for the most part individuals recoup faster.

Surgery to expel a small piece of bowel lining (neighborhood resection)

Your specialist evacuates the cancer and a fringe of solid tissue (edge) around the cancer. The tissue goes to the research center for tests.

A master specialist called a pathologist takes a gander at the cancer cells under the magnifying lens, to perceive how strange they are. On the off chance that the cells look exceptionally strange (high review), your specialist may choose you require a moment operation. This evacuates tissue that could contain cancer cells and brings down the possibility of your cancer returning.

Surgery to evacuate an area of your bowel (colectomy)

The kind of operation you have relies on upon where your tumor is in the expansive bowel (colon). The specialist evacuates the piece of the colon containing the tumor. This is known as a colectomy. How much your specialist takes away relies on upon the correct position and size of the cancer.

Evacuating the left half of the colon is known as a left hemi colectomy.

Evacuating the center some portion of the bowel (transverse colon) is known as a transverse colectomy.

Expelling the correct side of the bowel is known as a privilege hemi colectomy.

Expelling the sigmoid piece of the bowel (sigmoid colon) is known as a sigmoid colectomy.

After your specialist evacuates your cancer, they join the closures of the bowel back together. The join is called an anastamosis. Here and there to give the bowel time to mend, the specialist brings the finish of the bowel out as an opening on your midriff called a stoma. In the event that the small bowel is purchased out onto the stomach divider it is called an ileostomy. On the off chance that the substantial bowel is purchased out it is known as a colostomy.

The stoma is typically transitory and the finishes of the bowel are consolidated back in another operation a couple of months after the fact. This is known as a stoma inversion. Meanwhile you wear a colostomy or ileostomy pack over the opening of the bowel, to gather your crap.

On the off chance that you have an extensive region of bowel evacuated, or are in weakness, you may need a perpetual colostomy or ileostomy. Your specialist will keep away from this if at all conceivable. In some cases your specialist can’t tell on the off chance that you will require a permemant stoma until amid the operation. They may not know how huge the cancer is, or the amount of the bowel it influences. Your specialist will disclose this to you before the operation.

Surgery to expel the entire of the expansive bowel (colon) is known as an aggregate colectomy. The specialist brings the finish of the small bowel to the surface of the stomach area to make an ileostomy. In some cases it is workable for the small bowel to be joined to the lower some portion of the bowel (the rectum).

Surgery if cancer obstructs the bowel

At times bowel cancer can bring about a blockage. This is called bowel impediment. On the off chance that this happens you will require an operation straight away. Your specialist may put a tube called a stent into the bowel. This holds the bowel open permitting it to work appropriately once more. Or, on the other hand your specialist may expel your tumor from the bowel.

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