The Cancer Drug Will Come from Space

The Cancer Drug Will Come from Space

The cancer drug will come from space

Russian scientists have an interesting claim about cancer treatment. Scientists have testified that they have tested cancer in all types and stages of cancer. Another claim by researchers that they have achieved successful results from drug trials is that the drug can be used in cancer treatment within 3-4 years.

Russian scientists have argued that they have developed a “drug that can lead to revolutions in the treatment of cancer.”

It was alleged that the drug, developed by the Russian Federal Biomedical Agency (FMBA) and tested in a low-gravity environment of space, could cure cancerous tumors.

FMBA Deputy Director Andrey Simbirtsev explained that the main active ingredient of the medicine is the “heat-shark protein”. The protein, developed and reproduced in the laboratory environment, was sent to the International Space Station in 2015, later to become a “ultra-pure crystal”, also a partner of Russia.


The protein, crystallized in the microgravity environment of the earth orbit, was brought back to the earth and tested on laboratory animals. After months of testing, Simbirtsev said, “A drug with biological activity.”

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